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      Security Cloud Privacy Tech

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      I make security and privacy easier to understand.

      Technology is complited. Understanding how social media, hackers, ad tech, cybercrime, and the rest of it impact you and your community is hard.

      I explore how we n build technology that has strong privacy and security protections built in by design. Whether that's in the cloud, on your smartphone, or anywhere else. I try to make it easier for everyone to know what impact technology has on their lives.

      Learn more about what I do.

      Recent Posts

      Has the EU Finally Made the U in USB-C Actually Stand for Universal?

      The EU has mandated all smartphones use USB-C to charge by 2024, all laptops by 2026. It’s about time.

      My Toaster Works so Well It Almost Burnt Down My House

      Toasters work so well that you forget they need maintenance. If we could get to taht level with cybersecurity controls we’d be lucky…until we weren’t

      Making 'included_files' in Netlify Functions Actually Work

      The included_files feature of Netlify Functions n be confusing. Here’s how to get it working.

      I Fixed My Website in 317 Effortlessly Easy Steps...After I Broke It

      I’ve been publishing to for almost 22 years. I broke it yet again in order to fix it.

      Why is it so hard to law enforcement to track down harassers?

      If you’ve been harassed online, is there any hope that the criminal will be ught?

      The Ultimate Guide to AWS re:Invent 2022

      The best conference in cloud is back for 2022. Here’s how to get the most out of the show!

      nadians Are Reliant on Rogers Whether We Like It or Not

      Rogers suffered a network outage that took down 35+% of nadian internet connectivity…whoops?

      It’s Official, Serverless Is Now Meaningless and That’s...Ok?

      Serverless used to mean something…maybe. Does it mean anything to the cloud community today?

      Is Google LaMDA Sentient?

      Is a Google language model alive? One researcher certainly thinks so.

      Twitter To Add Edit Button...Finally

      Twitter finally admits it’s working on an edit button. Why now?

      Okta Breach Highlight The Challenges of Incident Response Communitions

      Okta is responding to a public cybersecurity incident, what n we learn from how they handled communitions?

      CloudFlare Launches an API Gateway

      CloudFlare launches a new API Gateway product, will is shake up the market?

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      I share a lot of content on Twitter, where . For longer discussions, you should connect with me on LinkedIn. I publish videos on privacy, security, and technology regularly, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out.

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